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Version: 1.9.2

Pedagogical materials

This page references a some pedagogical materials, like lessons, exercises, cheat-sheet etc.

Initiation to algorithms with Scratch

A set of exercises for your first step to algorithms using the graphical tool Scratch: PDF.


A summary of the organization of a GAML model, its main parts, and the main keywords, statements: PDF.

Class materials

This is a set of slides used to introduce GAMA in a practical way to master students in Computer Science. (Only PDF files are provided as the sources can be very heavy. Do not hesitate to ask them if needed).

  1. Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling and simulation
  2. Introduction to the GAMA Platform
  3. A modeling process cycle
  4. First steps in GAMA with the Schelling model
  5. Introduction of grids in GAMA models with the ChouChevLoup model
  6. Introduction of GIS data in GAMA models, using a traffic model
  7. Application exercise: Evacuation of the Phuc Xa district of Hanoi

First Exercises (*)

A set of exercises going from the building of simple models (opinion diffusion) to training exercises about specific modeling aspects (iterators on containers, scheduling...)

  • Keywords: grid, displays, plot, containers, iterators, scheduling.
  • Subject: PDF
  • A correction: gaml files

Exercise (*): Firefly synchronization

From UML diagram, implement a GAMA model simulating the synchronization of fireflies.

  • Keywords: grid, displays, plot, synchronization.
  • Subject: PDF
  • A correction: gaml file

Exercise (*): Firefighter model

Implement the model given in the model description file. The guide file helps you to separate the implementation of the structure of the model, its initialization, its dynamics, and ways to visualize it.

  • Keywords: grid, inheritance, displays, plot, 3D.
  • Model description: PDF
  • Guide: PDF
  • A correction: gaml file

Exercise (**): Wolves, Goats, Cabbages model

Implement an extended version of the Prey-Predator model. It allows you to manipulate grids and inheritance.

Exercise (**): Schelling model

Implement the segregation Schelling model on an environment (either a grid or a shafile).

  • Keywords: grid, GIS data, displays, plot, Graphical modeling, Schelling model.
  • Subject: PDF
  • Data file: Environment files
  • A correction: gaml file

Exercise (**): Traffic model

  • Keywords: GIS data, graph, skills, moving skill, displays, plot, mobility model.
  • Subject: PDF
  • Data file: Environment files
  • A correction: gaml file

Exercise (***): Shortest path on a grid by distance diffusion

An algorithm-oriented exercise to compute shortest paths on a grid.

  • Keywords: grid, move, displays, diffusion model, algorithm.
  • Subject: PDF
  • A model: gaml file