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Version: 1.9.2


Ask questions about a model or GAMA

There are currently two main platforms for users to interact with the GAMA community:

You can use those to ask questions about your model, GAMA in general or even ask for improvements if you find that something is lacking. Gama developers check those platform on a regular basis and try to answer people the best they can.

Sharing your model

You can find models shared by the community in the experimental repository. From there you can just download the zip file of the repository, decompress it and import the models you want to try.

If you want to share your model to the community you can simply click on the add file button on the main page and upload the directory containing your GAMA project. image

Social media

You can find all the official communication and GAMA related news on the GAMA-platform's facebook, to follow job offers of projects revolving around the platform go to the GAMA's LinkedIn profile. You can also check on our Youtube channel for official video tutorials or presentations.