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Version: 🚧 2024-06 🚧

Workspace, Projects and Models

The workspace is a directory in which GAMA stores all the current projects on which the user is working, links to other projects, as well as some meta-data like preference settings, the current status of the different projects, error markers, and so on.

Except when running in headless mode, GAMA cannot function without a valid workspace.

The workspace is organized in 4 categories, which are themselves organized into projects.

The projects present in the workspace can be either directly stored within it (as sub-directories), which is usually the case when the user creates a new project, or linked from it (so the workspace will only contain a link to the directory of the project, supposed to be somewhere in the filesystem or on the network). A same project can be linked from different workspaces.

GAMA models files are stored in these projects, which may contain also other files (called resources) necessary for the models to function. A project may, of course, contain several model files, especially if they are importing each other, if they represent different views on the same topic, or if they share the same resources.

Learning how to navigate in the workspace, how to switch workspace or how to import, export is a necessity to use GAMA correctly. It is the purpose of the following sections.

  1. Navigating in the Workspace
  2. Changing Workspace
  3. Importing Models