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Version: 🚧 2024-06 🚧

Learn GAML Step by Step

This large progressive tutorial has been designed to help you to learn GAML (GAma Modeling Language). It will cover the main part of the possibilities provided by GAML, and guide you to learn some more.

How to proceed to learn better?

As you will progress in the tutorial, you will see several links (written in blue to makes you jump to another part. You can click on them if you want to learn directly about a specific topic, but we do not encourage to do this, because you can get easily lost by reading this tutorial this way. As it is named, we encourage you to follow this tutorial "step by step". For each chapter, some links are available in the "search" tab, if you want to learn more about this subject.

Although, if you really want to learn about a specific topic, our advice is to use the "learning graph" interface, in the website, so that you can choose your area of interest, and a learning path will be automatically designed for you to assimilate the specific concept better.

Good luck with your reading, and please do not hesitate to contact us through the mailing list if you have a question/suggestion!