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Version: 1.9.3

Manipulate basic species

In this chapter, we will learn how to manipulate some basic species. As you already know, a species can be seen as the definition of a type of agent (we call agent the instance of a species). In OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), a species can be seen as the class. Each species is then defined by some attributes ("member" in OOP), actions ("method" in OOP) and behavior ("method" in OOP).

In this section, we will first learn how to declare the world agent, using the global species. We will then learn how to declare regular species which will populate our world. The following lesson will be dedicated to learn how to define actions and behaviors for all those species. We will then learn how agents can interact between each other, especially with the statement ask. In the next chapter then, we will see how to attach skills to our species, giving them new attributes and actions. This section will be closed with a last lesson dealing with how inheritance works in GAML.