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Version: 1.9.3

Defining 3D Displays

OpenGL display

The use an OpenGL display, we have to define the attribute type of the display with type:opengl in the chosen display of your model (or use the preferences->display windows to use it by default):

output {
display DisplayName type: opengl {
species mySpecies;

The OpenGL display shares most of the features that the java2D offers and that are described here. Using 3D display offers much more options to draw and show a simulation. A layer can be positioned and scaled in a 3D world. It is possible to superpose layers on different z value and display different information on the model at different positions on the screen.

Most of the features offers by GAMA in 3D can be found as model example in the model library in the Visualization and User Interaction/3D Visualization

Such as:






  • GAMA is handling different kind of lighting such as spot lights and point lights as illustrated in Lighting.gaml


  • Moving 3D object.gaml which shows how to draw a moving objet as a OBJ File and how to apply a 3D rotation on it