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Version: 1.9.1

Incremental Model

This tutorial has for goal to give an overview all most of the capabilities of GAMA. In particular, it presents how to build a simple model and the use of GIS data, graphs, 3D visualization, multi-level modeling and differential equations. All the files related to this tutorial (images and models) are available in the Models Library (project Tutorials/Incremental Model).

Model Overview

The model built in this tutorial aim at simulating the spreading of a disease in a small city. Three type of entities are taken into account: the people, the buildings and the roads.

We made the following modeling choice:

  • Simulation step: 1 minute.
  • People are moving on the roads from building to building.
  • People use the shortest path to move between buildings.
  • All people have the same speed and move at a constant speed.
  • Each time, people arrived at a building they are staying a certain time.
  • The staying time depends on the current hour (lower at 9h - go to work - at 12h go to lunch - at 18h - go back home).
  • Infected people are never cured.

Final display of the tutorial: Incremental model.

Step List

This tutorial is composed of 7 steps corresponding to 7 models which are incremental representation of the same model, starting with the simplest model 1 and finishing with the latest one, model 7. For each step, we will present its purpose, an explicit formulation, and the corresponding GAML code.

  1. Simple SI Model
  2. Charts
  3. Integration of GIS Data
  4. Movement on Graph
  5. Visualizing in 3D
  6. Multi-Level
  7. Differential Equations