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Version: 1.9.3


This page is an attempt to keep track of all the videos made about/around the GAMA platform.

Introduction to Agent-based modeling​

  1. Modélisation à base d'agents, explorer les futurs possibles
  2. Supporting Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction with Models: the case of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta - by Alexis Drogoul
  3. Table ronde: Développement urbain & Nouveaux risques (2022) by Phápfrvn

Projects using GAMA​

For more details about some of those projects and their scope, visit the Projects page.

  1. Covid19, COMOKIT
  2. WANASEA - AWP 2019 - Using Simulations to Design Evacuation Strategies in Case of Flooding (Alexis Drogoul)
  3. WANASEA - AWP 2018 - Some Examples about Environmental and Social Challenges - Alexis Drogoul, IRD- WANASEA Official
  4. ANR i-Nondations - Preventing flood risk with decision algorithms
  5. LittoSIM : Plateforme de simulation participative - La Rochelle Université
  6. Fiabilité de la modélisation et des outils de simulations participatifs - VINCI ParisTech
  7. LittoSIM - Multi-agent simulation approach in crisis management.
  8. GEMMES Vietnam - Modelling dynamic adaptation strategies in the Mekong delta-AFD
  9. Social Simulation Week 2020: Workshop on Simulation in the times of COVID-19, 16 September 2020 - Behave Lab, Unimi
  10. HoanKiemAir Project

Introduction to GAMA​

  1. GAMA Platform
  2. Gama Platform 1.6 Trailer. Agent-based simulation platform
  3. Model of the evacuation of the Station Nightclub fire using BDI agents
  4. An example of the new possibilities of Gama 1.7: BIM models importation !
  5. SIR Agent-Based Model with different display
  6. Synthetic dynamical social graph
  7. Agent-Based Visualization: interaction between agent
  8. South East Dengue Data Timelapse Visualization
  9. Agent-Based Visualization Processus
  10. South East Dengue Data Spacetime Visualization
  11. Epidemic detection on Dengue Data
  12. Aggregated boids
  13. MODAVI: Multi-Scale Online Data Analysis and Visualization
  14. Gama camera arcball and freefly demo
  15. DENSEAT: Dengue South East Asia Timing
  16. Agent Based Visualization: tyding up algorithm on GIS data
  17. Bubble sort 3D algorithm animation
  18. Mitchell’s best-candidate algorithm animation in Gama Platform
  19. Agent-Based Visualization: Abstract - Analysis - Control
  20. Archem Project - Gama 1.6.1 - Agent-Based Visualization
  21. SIR Augmented
  22. Gama: Dynamic diffuse light
  23. Archives project
  24. Gama: Multiply the point of view using different display and dynamic camera parameters
  25. Procedural city
  26. Tuto3D model3
  27. Tuto3D model2
  28. Demonstration of the new GAMA driving skill
  29. Gama tutorial PRIMA 2013

Videos from users​

Tutorial videos​

  1. Introduction to GAMA tutorial series - by ZEnMo Simulations
  2. GAMA Platform Simulation Multi agent - by TutorielGeo, GIS Center
  3. 10 Minute tutorial GAMA Platform - by GAMA Platform

Srirama Bhamidipati​

  1. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform
  2. Day 1- Part 1- Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform (updated July 2020)
  3. Agent Based Modeling with GAMA Platform (Day2: Guest Prof Arend Ligtenberg)
  4. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform (Scheduler, OSM)
  5. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform 2
  6. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform (charts, MAIA)
  7. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform, Grid Modelling
  8. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform, Schelling Model
  9. Agent-Based Modeling with GAMA Platform, Schelling Model 2 (You can ask questions in comments July 2020)
  10. Agent Based Modeling with GAMA Platform, Schelling, GIS
  11. Srirama Bhamidipati GAMA Live Stream 1/2

GAMA Interface​

  1. Interactive Console in GAMA, GAMA Platform for Agent Based Modeling
  2. Search Options inside GAMA Editor - GAMA Platform for Agent Based Modeling
  3. Version Control in GAMA for non-git users: GAMA Platform
  4. 20 Chart facets in GAMA platform for Agent Based Modeling


  1. Instructions to Connect R to GAMA on a windows 10 machine, GAMA Platform
  2. Interacting with R in GAMA - gama-platform for Agent Based Modeling
  3. R examples in GAMA -- gama-platform for Agent Based Modeling
  4. Rplots in GAMA gama-platform for Agent Based Modeling

GAMA Extras​

  1. GAMA Manual -- in a new format for desktop and mobile devices
  2. Using markdown with GAMA 'standalone' to write model descriptions for Agent Based Modeling
  3. Using GAMA 'standalone' with GitHub for Agent Based Modeling


  1. Benoit Gaudou : Simulations tangibles et interactives: exemples de projets SMAC IRIT

Patrick Taillandier​

  1. Soutenance d’Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches de Patrick Taillandier
  2. MGM GAMA 1 Presentation of GAMA
  3. MGM GAMA 2 Running a simulation
  4. MGM GAMA 3 Definition of a simple SI model
  5. MGM GAMA 4 Definition of monitors and charts
  6. MGM GAMA 5 Integration of GIS data and graphs
  7. MGM GAMA 6 Definition of 3D displays
  8. MGM GAMA 7 Parameter space exploration
  9. MIRO Project
  10. Simulation of the traffic in the city of Rouen (France)
  11. Diffusion LWR Le Havre
  12. Diffusion Agent Le Havre
  13. Diffusion LWR Man
  14. Diffusion Agent Man

Arnaud Grignard​

  1. Arnaud Grignard, City Science, Overview
  2. #6 Conférence d’Arnaud Grignard « Simulation participative tangible by Labex IMU (Septembre 2021)
  3. CityScope Champs Elysées - Pavillon de l'Arsenal - PCA-Stream - MIT Media Lab - CityScience
  4. A tangible city simulator: CityScope Lyon - MIT Media Lab - CityScience - EUL - Labex IMU - UdL
  5. How MIT Builds Cities Using Lego and Augmented Reality | Science of Teams | WIRED
  6. CityScope Hanoi: Water Management in the Red River
  7. Andorra CityScope Data Observatory - MIT Media Lab - CityScience
  8. Andorra CityScope Deployment - June 2017 - MIT Media Lab - Changing Places
  9. Andorra CityScope RNC data visualization - MIT Media Lab
  10. CityScope Andorra: A multi-level interactive and tangible agent-based visualization - MIT Media Lab1.
  11. CityScope Volpe ABM model - MIT Media Lab CityScience
  12. THE ROAD AHEAD: REIMAGINING MOBILITY - The making of CityScope Cooper Hewitt
  13. URBAMobility - Gama 1.8 Platform Cooper Hewitt Prototype
  14. Proxymix: Influence of spatial configuration on human collaboration
  15. UrbanSwarms: A new approach for autonomous cities - MIT Media Lab
  16. Game it
  17. An agent based approach to a multi Employer Housing Market Simulation
  18. URBAMobility (Long Version)
  19. Radiohead - Agent Based Visualization - Gama 1.8 - MIT Media Lab

Pierrick Tranouez​

  1. Saumur: Levee break
  2. Rouen trafic modelling in ESCAPE

Carole Adam​

  1. SĂ©minaire de Carole ADAM - Simulation interactive pour la gestion de crise
  2. GAMA Simulations, SWIFT Project
  3. SMART Infrastructure Facility

Rouba Iskandar​

  1. Agent based simulation in GAMA- Earthquake pedestrian evacuation in a city
  2. Simulation of seismic crisis

Julius Bañgate​

  1. Multi agent modelling of Seismic Crisis Philgeos 2012 Conference (presentation @1:30:41)
  2. PorterrSIM, Multi Agent Modelling of Logistics Flows in the Seine Maritime Axis, The Case of the Automotive Sector , Date: 2021-10-11
  3. Debugging social behaviour (GAMA experiment, 2017)
  4. Social Attachment for Crisis Evacuation (SOLACE) Demo 1-1,Earthquake Evacuation
  5. Multi agent modelling of seismic crisis, Earthquake Evacuation
  6. 3D Visualisation (City)

Lyuba Mancheva​

  1. Simulation of bush fire evacuation with AI
  2. Trafic simulation in Grenoble city

Thibaut Demare​

  1. Freight Simulation in a Dynamic Multi-Modal transportation Network
  2. Simulation of a Logistic System: Traffic Evolution in a Dynamic Network
  3. Effect of Port Attractivity on Goods traffic Thanks to the Simulation of a Logistic System
  4. Comparing the effects of two restock strategies on stock shortages

Jonatan Almagor​

  1. Agent-based model of children's physical activity in an urban environment
  2. Agent-based model of the spread of infectious disease in a hospital

Other users' videos​

  1. GAMAVI demo - Edouard A. (july 1, 2010)
  2. Agent-based model of multi-drone, multi-operator surveillance system in GAMA