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GAMA Platform is now on Docker

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We are excited to share the details of a new development - a packaging and deployment methodology for the GAMA Platform headless application using Docker.

Docker tooling helps simplify and streamline the complexities associated with full build-configure-and-push strategies. Our aim is to keep the Dockerfile content as simple as possible in order to help the widest possible audience to understand and use this.

Why Docker?โ€‹

  • Docker provides a robust platform for Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, facilitating delivery of innovation faster.
  • Facilitates customers packaging their configured systems into images and containers
  • Facilitates easy portability to virtual machines or bare metal servers, on-premise or in the cloud (IaaS)
  • Docker provides a transparent mechanism that facilitates collaboration with the open-source community, facilitating rapid convergence on best practices for DevOps (build, functional/PSR test, demo, deploy).

What forโ€‹

This container aim to help the usage of the GAMA headless to everyone. Thanks to that container, you'll be able to easily deploy a container on

Github gama.docker


Even if the container is already usable, this image Docker is still under an heavy developpement and you should use it wisely. Our goal in a near future are :

  • To reduce it's size. The container packed the whole GAMA software, but the headless do not use it all, so we have to cut every useless part for the headless
  • Have a fully working CI based on the Travis-CI releases
  • Improve the usability of the container. For now a lot of mistakes have been made about the input/output of the container

Try it!โ€‹

Even if it's not perfectly finished, we already published our Dockerfiles on Github and the Docker Hub. Go take a look if you're interested.

We would love to hear about your experiences with the GAMA Platform on Docker so we can continue to improve it.