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GAMA Days 2021

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GAMA days 2021 is the 1st Conference where users, modelers and developers of the GAMA modeling and simulation platform will have an opportunity to meet, present their work, expose their difficulties, propose enhancements and, more generally, exchange and collaborate on exciting topics related to GAMA! Besides models themselves, which will constitute the main focus of the conference, we also seek original contributions on three transversal themes, from the point of view of users:

  • GAMA and training: how to teach modeling and simulation using GAMA? How to teach using GAMA itself? What kind of pedagogical material should be available? How to share this material? Share training experiences?
  • GAMA Missing features: what are the most important features missing in GAMA? Extensions that should be developed urgently? Capabilities overlooked for too many years? Integrations with other tools missing?
  • Next generation GAMA: how should a platform like GAMA evolve in the next 10 years? Which roadmaps should we define? Which technological advances, necessary for users, should be embraced?

Co-organized by MIAT (INRAE), IRIT (CNRS, INPT, Toulouse universities) and UMMISCO (IRD) laboratories, the event will be held from June 23 to 25, 2021. Due to the covid-19 pandemics and in order to allow the participation of as many people as possible, the GAMA days will take place online and registration will be free.

Official Website:

Steering committee:

  • Fr√©d√©ric Amblard - UT1, UMR IRIT
  • Kevin Chapuis - IRD, UMI UMMISCO
  • Alexis Drogoul - IRD, UMI UMMISCO
  • Benoit Gaudou - UT1/IRD, UMR IRIT/UMI UMMISCO
  • Dominique Longin - CNRS, UMR IRIT
  • Nicolas Verstaevel - UT1, UMR IRIT


  • Patrick Taillandier - INRAE, MIAT

Program committee:

  • Carole Adam - UGA, LIG Laboratory
  • Diana F. Adamatti - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, FURG
  • Concei√ß√£o de Maria A Alves - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Brasilia
  • Arnaud Banos - CNRS, IDEES Laboratory
  • Johan Barth√©l√©my - University of Wollongong, SMART Infrastructure
  • Srirama Bhamidipati - University of Delft
  • Eric Daud√© - CNRS, IDEES Laboratory
  • Julie Dugdale - UGA, LIG Laboratory
  • Arnaud Grignard - MIT, MediaLab
  • Myriam Grillot - INRAE, AGIR Laboratory
  • Quang Nghi Huynh - University of Can Tho, DREAM laboratory
  • Simone Z Leao - City Futures Research Centre, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Nicolas Marilleau - IRD, UMMISCO Laboratory
  • S√©bastien Rey-Coyrehourcq - University of Rouen, IDEES Laboratory
  • Franck Taillandier - INRAE, RECOVER Laboratory
  • Youcef Sklab - IRD, UMMISCO Laboratory
  • Olivier Therond - INRAE, LAE Laboratory
  • Rallou Thomopoulos - INRAE, IATE Laboratory
  • Jean Villerd - INRAE, LAE Laboratory
  • Gudrun Walletin - Universit√§t Salzburg, ZGIS Team