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Version: 1.9.2

7. Automatic Road Repair

This 7th step illustrates how to select in a list of elements that optimizes a given function.


  • Add a new parameter, repair_time, that is equal to 2.
  • Every repair_time, the road with the highest destruction_coeff value is repaired (set its destruction_coeff to 1).

Model Definition


We add a new parameter: the repair_time.

In the global section, we define the repair_time variable:

int repair_time <- 2 ;

In the experiment section, we define the associated parameter:

parameter "Number of steps between two road repairs" var: repair_time category: "Road" ;

road repairing

We have to add a reflex method in the global section that is triggered every repair_time hours. This reflex selects, thanks to the with_max_of operator the road agent with the highest destruction_coeff value, then sets this value at 1.

global {
reflex repair_road when: every(repair_time #hour) {
road the_road_to_repair <- road with_max_of (each.destruction_coeff) ;
ask the_road_to_repair {
destruction_coeff <- 1.0 ;

Complete Model