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Version: 1.9.2

Editing models

Editing models in GAMA is very similar to editing programs in a modern IDE like Eclipse. After having successfully launched the program, the user has two fundamental concepts at its disposal: a workspace, which contains models or links to models organized like a hierarchy of files in a filesystem, and the workbench (aka, the main window), which contains the tools to create, modify and experiment these models.

Understanding how to navigate in the workspace is covered in another section and, for the purpose of this section, we just need to understand that it is organized in projects, which contain models and their associated data. Projects are further categorized, in GAMA, into four categories: Models Library, Plugin models, Test models (built-in models shipped with GAMA and automatically linked from the workspace), and User Models.

This section covers the following sub-sections:

  1. GAML Editor Generalities
  2. GAML Editor Toolbar
  3. Validation of Models
  4. Graphical Editor