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Version: 1.9.1


GAMA consists of a single application that is based on the RCP architecture provided by Eclipse. Within this single application software, often referred to as a platform, users can undertake, without the need of additional third-parties softwares, most of the activities related to modeling and simulation, namely editing models and simulating, visualizing and exploring them using dedicated tools.

First-time users may however be intimidated by the apparent complexity of the platform, so this part of the documentation has been designed to ease their first contact with it, by clearly identifying tasks of interest to modelers and how they can be accomplished within GAMA.

It is accomplished by firstly providing some background about important notions found throughout the platform, especially those of workspace and projects and explaining how to organize and navigate through models. Then we take a look at the edition of models and its various tools and components (dedicated editors and related tools, of course, but also validators). Finally, we show how to run experiments on these models and what support the user interface can provide to users in this task.