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Version: 1.9.3


GAMA is a free opensource software and we take pride in sharing the source code with anyone who wants to contribute to the platform. Note that GAMA is easy to extend by developing additional plugins.

Table of contents

You saw an error on the website and you want to correct it. The first thing is to check which page should be updated !

Editing wiki

Let's start by taking a look at the URL. For example :

If in the URL you have the keyword wiki, you should modify the GAMA wiki and the correction will appear in the website after the next build done by Travis CI.

To keep the same example, the file to edit will be here :
^^^^ ^^^^
^^^^ ^^^^

For Developers

Source Code

GAMA can be downloaded as a regular application or built from source, which is necessary, if you want to contribute to the platform. The source code is available from this GitHub repository:

Which you can also browse from the web here. It is, in any case, recommended to follow the instructions on this page in order to build GAMA from source.

GAMA Dev mailing list

If you want to contribute to the platform, you can send a request to the developping team to be in the mailing list.

For Users


You may refer to this weblink for gettings answers for your questions from other users and developers


Sharing models

You can find models shared by the community in the experimental repository. From there you can just download the zip file of the repository, decompress it and import the models you want to try.

If you want to share your model to the community you can simply click on the add file button on the main page and upload the directory containing your gama project. image

Online resources from Users & Developers